Can I Parent?

Many women ask themselves this question when faced with an unplanned pregnancy. There are many things to think about when considering parenting, but you are not alone. Parenting is truly an amazing journey, with ups and downs along the way. There is nothing like it.

It’s normal to have questions and concerns about this option, or you may need more information. If you are worried about support along the way, we are here to help.

Considering Parenting?

You probably have tons of questions about parenting. Many parents have challenges, no matter their age, financial status, or background. You may be asking yourself…

  • Do I have the support I need from my family or partner?
  • Should I continue school or further my career goals while parenting?
  • What if I don’t have insurance or medical care?

Our team at Pregnancy Help Center Galveston can help you navigate through all these questions and more that come up along the way. We want to help equip you to be the best parent you can be. We know this takes resources and we have free and confidential material support available as well.

How can I Receive Help?

We can help support you and educate you about parenting. Talk with one of our caring advocates about this option and what you are needing. You can feel safe to talk in a comfortable environment, with no pressure of any kind.

Take one step at a time by first confirming your pregnancy if you haven’t already, through our lab-grade pregnancy testing and ultrasound. Once you confirm your pregnancy, we can talk about your pregnancy options from there and inform you about our resources.

Schedule a Free Appointment

Make a free and confidential appointment today to talk about parenting, and receive the support you need to move forward with your decision.